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  • Checksum Calculator
  • The Search and Replace Tool
  • The Batch File Rename Tool
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Rory Shaffer Senior editor

Lammer Context Menu adds some handy additional entries to the context menu (right-click menu) of files and folders in Windows. It is a free extension for Windows Explorer that enhances considerably the functionality of the right-click menu, letting you perform various actions like copying file or folder paths, opening the Windows Explorer or the Command Prompt window at the current location, or batch renaming files much faster and easier.

The thing that impressed me the most about Lammer Context Menu is that it includes its own separate tools.
While most context menu enhancers only do exactly that: enhance the Windows Explorer context menu by adding entries to it, Lammer Context Menu offers separate utilities that will help with various file operations and file management tasks. Some examples of these tools are the handy batch file renamer that lets you change the name of multiple files at once in an easy manner, even using predefined rules and the search and replace utility. There is also a hex viewer, a checksum calculator, a “Path Operations” tool that lets you perform file management operations like copy, move and delete multiple files at once, etc.

Furthermore, it allows the users to customize its context menu entries. It doesn’t allow tweaking the existing Windows’ right click menu entries, but it offers full control over the Lammer Context Menu items.

Considering that it is also free, Lammer Context Menu may be a good program on your computer, in my opinion. It doesn’t only enhance the context menu with handy entries that allow performing various tasks in a faster and easier manner, but thanks to its built-in utilities it also spares the need to obtain additional, stand-alone file management programs such as batch file renamers or hex viewers.


  • Includes its own stand-alone tools like the batch file renamer or the checksum calculator.
  • Lets you choose what menu items to be displayed.
  • Supports automatic updates.


  • Doesn't allow changing/customizing the existing Windows context menu, it just adds its own menu and submenus.

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    Croatoan 4 years ago

    because of "select by type" option


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